Monday, February 7, 2011

Our Newest Addition!

I think that I forgot the wise advise that you are never suppose to make major decisions while pregnant.......I finally gave in to the whining, begging, and dog shopping. (That was just Jason!)

Five weeks before the baby is coming we have added Duke. Duke is a 2-3 year old male golden retriever. His family had to downsize and could no longer keep him. Jason found him on KSL classifieds on Saturday. Sunday morning Ellie and Jason made the 7 hour trip to bring him home.

Monday, June 21, 2010


This is the article that ran in today's local paper. Ellie has always had such a compassionate heart and the amazing ability to think about other people! What a blessing it is to have her in our family!!
Ellie Mons began collecting soda pop tabs for Ronald McDonald houses to show support for friends she had at Primary Children's Medical Center. It is a simple project, but it's grown to include the community, Ellie's family and classmates.
A year and more than 36,000 pop tabs later, 8-year-old Ellie doesn't think she'll ever stop collecting.
"It's awesome," she said.
Sitting with bags and jars filled to the brim with her collection of 36,684 tabs, Ellie said she began the project with her family. She then approached the principal of Nibley Elementary, where she was a student and her mother was a teacher, to see if she could set up containers in the school to collect tabs. The school and the PTA got involved, and cases were put outside Heather Mons' classroom. Ellie also wrote letters to her neighbors, asking that they donate their pop tabs.
She said she has had positive feedback from those who have donated.
"They thought it was cool," she said.
Ellie said she has also approached strangers drinking from a pop can and asked for their tab. But Ellie hasn't added much to the collection herself.
"I really don't drink a lot of soda," she said.
Ellie has already made one delivery to a Ronald McDonald House, and she said she will donate her second collection of can tabs sometime this summer.
Heather said Ronald McDonald houses determine the amount of money raised through tab donations by weight. The tabs, which are pure aluminum, are recycled. Heather said last year the Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake City recycled $20,000 worth of pop tabs and used that money to pay for utilities.
Heather said the project is easy, but for patrons of Ronald McDonald houses, the end result is a big deal.
"For kids especially it's cool because it's a little thing that they can do and it makes a huge difference for families," she said.
Heather said she believes if kids are given the opportunity to do good, they will, and she is glad Ellie has provided that opportunity for others.
"It's just such an easy thing to be teaching kids to be thinking outside of themselves," Heather said.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Tonight when I (an overly emotional, sleep deprived, and crazy mom) was getting Sarah ready for bed we had the following conversation!

Sarah- When can I be a Mom like you?
Me- When you get bigger. Why? (When I asked "why" all the beautiful Mother's day thoughts are still on my mind and I can't wait to hear why Sarah thinks I am the best Mom ever!)
Sarah- So I can have big boobies like you.

Love that girl!! I need to really think next time before I ask "Why"!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

You can call me "Shiny"

Sarah picked out a new pair of shoes! She slept with them for the first few nights she had them. Her shoes have even inspired her to change her name.

Sarah- Why did you name me Sarah?

Me- Because we thought it was a beautiful name.

Sarah- Wellllllllll, I don't like it.

Me- What would you like us to call you?

Sarah- I think .......Shiny would be perfect!

Introducing......Shiny Mons!!!

Snow in May!

I must admit that I am getting very tried of the snow. It is May 2nd and we woke up to snow sticking on the grass.

The snow definitely didn't slow down Ellie and Sarah! They spent the morning running around in their swimsuit and "surfing" on the couch cushions.

Thanks girls for making it a great day at the "beach" at the Mons house!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was spent trick-or-treating in downtown Logan and trunk-or-treating around the block. My top 5 favorite things of the day-
1. Both my girls loved their costumes and LOVED wielding their swords. (If you look close Sarah's is the wrapper for her glow stick sword that she insisted on using earlier in the week and we could no longer find the sword)
2. Visiting with the neighbors at the trunk or treat and being able to drop in on friends for a visit.
3. Eating chili cheese dogs! This is a long standing Mons' family tradition.
4. We didn't need to take a stroller this year!!
5. Watching the girls run and play and be kids!!!
Thanks to Barbie, Sarah has been planning to be a musketeer since the new movie came out!

Ellie wanted to be a pirate! Her costume turned out great thanks to a friend and the DI!

What would Halloween be without Cora and Ellie dressing up together and trick-or-treating. It is so fun for me to watch Ellie with Cora. She makes sure that she gets a treat at every stop.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I have become quite a germophobe since the outbreak of swine flu. I know that some of this has worn off on Ellie and she is now the expert on the symptoms, the effects, and how many friends in her class she thinks has it. The following is a conversation we had in the car on our way home from school the other day.

Ellie-There were four kids in my class out today and Mrs. Dutson was also out. Mom, what is a swine anyway?

Me-It's a pig but that doesn't really have to do with anything with the sickness.

Sarah-"I'll never kiss a pig! I want to but I won't!"

This must still be on Sarah's mind. Last night, while my friend Kandyce was babysitting her she had this conversation with Kandyce.

Sarah- How did your dog Max die?
Kandyce- He got sick.
Sarah-What did he get sick from?
Kandyce- He had cancer.
Sarah- So he didn't kiss a pig!